Our Inspiration: The York Plan, “Do what you can, with what you have.”

As our country moves into a new era of challenges and opportunities, it cannot be forgotten that the last time the world changed this much it was York PA that protected, employed, united and inspired a Nation to rise to the challenge.

  1. Create a Baseline for Community Understanding.
  2. Accept this is Happening and Embrace Disruption.
  3. Accept Disruptive Technology as Inevitable.
  4. Be Proactive VS Reactive.
  5. Embrace Disruptors, Inclusive Innovation, and Empower all Generations to create a new generation of wealth and philanthropists.
  6. Exponential Technology is worthless without an Exponential Mindset.
  7. Priority of Mindset over Skill Sets.
  8. Train for jobs that are not here yet.
  9. Don’t rely on older tactics to prevent change.
  10. Don’t Waste energy on solving obsolete or near obsolete problems.
  11. Be willing to discard obsolete or near obsolete technology and thinking, regardless of the amount of social or financial capital spent to date.
  12. Collaborate with competitors and potential partners, big and small
  13. Communicate clearly the path forward to all stakeholders from the top down and the bottom up.
  14. Create a “Zoom out, Zoom in” strategic planning mindset
  15. Focus on Scaling the Edges.