The world is changing at an exponential rate. Innovation, Disruption, and advancements in Technology around Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and The Internet of Things are all drastically changing how we think about everything from Community and economic development to Workforce and Education. Being Innovative is no longer a luxury, but a necessity if our communities are to not only compete, but to survive as we move into the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The world is changing
at an exponential rate...

The Northwest Triangle in Downtown York, PA

Wagman Construction, Campbell and Associates, York Exponential and The Fortress Academy/Initiative have partnered to form the York Plan Group (YPG) in an effort to plan sites 1 and 2 of the North West Triangle into the regions first Innovation Corridor. The first of its kind, this will be a Live, Learn, Work, Play and Build - Campus, all focused around Innovation, Advanced Manufacturing, Education and Robotics.

We have assembled a team of experts, advisors and partners from around the globe with backgrounds in Broad Band, Education, Workforce Development, Technology, Ag-Tech, Robotics, Economic and Real Estate Development, Venture Capital, and Foundations to execute the rapid rollout of a “York Plan 2.0” in downtown York. The site will include Commercial, Retail, Housing, Advanced Manufacturing labs and facilities, Accelerators, Classrooms and Maker Spaces.

Who is the York Plan Group?

Why York PA?

We believe that York is uniquely positioned to take a lead position in this rapidly growing industry as well as a prime candidate for an Innovation Corridor around manufacturing and Robotics for the following reasons:


  • A number of state funding resources that mitigate risk by advancing technologies to commercially viable stages as well Development of Innovative and Tech Driven Projects
  • The Fortress Academy is Central PA’s FIRST AND ONLY licensed coding Bootcamp and located in downtown York and will have a presence in the NWT
  • A high concentration of Manufacturing and Defense Companies with deep Domain Expertise already located within 5 miles of the city.
  • A “Dark Fiber” Data pipe that will provide gigabit speeds at extremely low prices and a data center just a few blocks away
  • A heritage of Industry and Business that was unmatched for the time
  • An abundance of Downtown Housing and retail locations about to come to market, the need for an anchor project that is unrelated to traditional Retail or Housing is needed
  • Renewed interest in Downtown York and its success.
  • System-wide turnover of York Leadership
  • With both Governor Wolf and Senator Wagner being from York, this will make York a focus of the upcoming election
  • The opportunity to gain a fundamental understanding of Robotics by focusing on actuators to start
  • Relationships with Carnegie Mellon, MIT and several others through our internal team members and advisors
  • The potential relocation of several Technology companies drawn by the Data pipe and the Innovation Campus/Corridor
  • Yorks two largest Family Foundations are both headed by Technology Savvy Entrepreneurs
  • The opening of The Fortress of York and The Fortress Academy. This will provide a centralized location for new companies as well as train a workforce to help those companies stay local to York (see below)

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